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Energy Healing helps you des-stress, feel better and be healthier.  Energy Healing treats physical and structural issues, current and old emotions, old traumas, relationships, mental health and mental clarity.  Come in for a session and feel better.


  • Reduce Excessive Action
  • Helps To BE More


  • Decrease Excessive Emotion
  • Reduce Emotionalism


  • Reduce Racing Thought
  • Decrease Excessive Thinking
(512) 814 6538

Gold Energy Healing

Your Light Therapy treatment will help you be more more calm, feel better and be healthier. First you will receive an aura cleansing and after the negative thoughts and negative emotions will be removed from your chakras and organs.

In each treatment you will also learn techniques you may practice regularly, on your own, to help yourself continue to de-stress, feel better, and be healthier.

When too much stress is In the body it creates negative ions. If you "feel stressed" then there is a build up of negative ions in the organs. Light Therapy literally scrapes away negative ions which will help you de-stress and be more calm.